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Goh Education Center-Tuition Center-Pusat Tuisyen

Goh Education Center is the premiere location for your child’s continued educational development. Located in the popular Austin Heights area of Johor Bahru, it is our goal here at Goh to unleash the power within every student to advance in his or her educational achievements, to broaden his educational horizons, and to assist her in setting her educational sights even higher.

Goh Education specializes in a group teaching setting but keeps a strong emphasis on an individual student’s needs. We maintain very small teacher to student ratios for maximum learning potential and personalized attention for students. In fact, we uphold a ten to one ration, students to teacher, giving confidence to students and teachers alike. The progress of each student is more easily tracked and measured in this environment and teachers are better able to challenge the children to continue to excel and expand their goals.

Here at Goh, we have more than twenty years of combined teaching experience. Our principal holds a master’s degree in Engineering and each one of our instructors is a degreed, honor graduate of a major university. With experience from the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Malaysia, we offer a rich learning environment that exposes students to different cultures and backgrounds while keeping them grounded in their native surroundings.