Tuition Programmes

At Goh Education Center, we specialize in tuition for primary levels one through six.  Subjects include the essentials: Math, English, and Science, but also encompass important satellite classes such as Chinese and Malay.

Goh Education Center provides a lunch and bath for every student either before or after classes.  We try to remain flexible to meet your needs and ensure that students have optimal learning potential each day.  For a small additional fee, we will provide your child with a nutritious, wholesome meal that will help ensure a successful day of learning.

At Goh Education Center, we have created a program specifically for honing and perfecting English language skills.  Our program encompasses: grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, conversation, and phonics.

Goh Education Center also offers international schools based upon the student’s required syllabus.  Our international programs focus mainly on English and math skills.

Goh Education Center also offers an excellent program for students requiring the Singapore syllabus.  Our educators are familiar with the requirements of the Singapore syllabus and are highly skilled at helping students gain the knowledge that will ensure their success in this area.

Goh Education Center understands the need for a solid foundation in order to ensure success in education.  That’s why we have created a Kindergarten program.