Primary Tuition Programme

At Goh Education Center, we specialize in tuition for primary levels one through six.  Subjects include the essentials: Math, English, and Science, but also encompass important satellite classes such as Chinese and Malay.
We understand the changing world we live in and the importance of focusing on the basics.  As technology and industry become increasing factors in a global economy, we want our students to show maximum strength in the core subjects of math and science.  Goh students will be prepared to step confidently into higher levels of these subjects when they graduate from our Education Center.

At Goh Center, we also understand the continued need for a focus on the humanities as well.  It is our goal to produce a well-rounded student who is not only strong in technological subjects but has mastered languages as well.

The ability to read, write, speak, comprehend, and use correct grammar are essential skills for all communication: business or personal.  Our aim is to give our students a solid foundation in these basic principles in order to prepare them for later study in history, the arts, philosophy, culture, and the humanities.

Here at Goh Education Center, we have carefully constructed a primary syllabus that will prepare your child for whatever faces him on the horizon of his life.