Benefits of Music With Tuition

piano-goh educationGoh Education Center believes strongly in exposing children to great music.  We understand that this benefits students in all areas of their study.  We attempt to incorporate music into our classrooms whenever plausible and we have dedicated ourselves to introducing them to the wonderful and rich world of music.

At Goh Education Center, we appreciate all types of music but we focus on classical music in our music program.

In Goh’s music program, we teach students to read music but we offer so much more as well.  We introduce musical theory to our students, teaching them the basics first and building knowledge from there.

Theory is applied when students begin learning to play the piano.  The richness and beauty of great musical pieces come to life as students set fingers to keys and learn to recreate the beauty of the greatest composers the world has known.

Our music instructors also help students prepare for their music exams, paying special attention to each child’s needs and talents.

Music provides a bridge to all of the arts and helps our students create and maintain a life rich in artistic ability and pleasure.  Our goal at Goh Education Center is to nurture each student’s musical intuition, draw out their creativity, and enhance their musical performance.