English Enrichment

English EnrichmentAt Goh Education Center, we have created a program specifically for honing and perfecting English language skills.  Our program encompasses: grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, conversation, and phonics.

When learning a language, immersion is essential.  The more students hear and are surrounded by a language, the more assimilated they become.  At Goh Education Center, we strive to design an all-English speaking environment in all classrooms that are not attempting to teach the language.

Our English Enrichment Program goes above and beyond. This program teaches children proper conversation forms for different social situations and enhances their confidence when conversing with native speakers.

Not only will students hear and repeat correct pronunciation, they’ll also learn proper grammar usage.  Students will be trained in a wide variety of vocabulary which will be necessary for mastering different social environments.

In addition, students at Goh Center will be taught spelling using the proven method of phonetics.  Teaching English in this manner will enhance proper spelling skills and help students to master the written word as well as the spoken.

Students will be taught to both comprehend and compose their own original English writings.

Goh Education Center believes in a thorough and comprehensive approach to teaching non-native tongues and your child is sure to benefit from this carefully developed system.